The ICC will hold an emergency meeting next Thursday to decide the future of the T20 World Cup.


The corona virus has spread around the world at a massive rate. Corona virus has the biggest clutches in the sports world. Corona has pushed back the world's biggest tournaments. Big tournaments like the Olympics have lagged behind. Copa America, Euro Cup is behind. The IPL has also been postponed indefinitely at the moment. In such a situation, the future of the Twenty20 World Cup is uncertain. That's why the ICC has called a special meeting of board officials from different countries to decide the future of the Twenty20 World Cup next Thursday. Board secretary Joy Shah will represent India at this meeting.

The Twenty20 World Cup is slated to take place on Australian soil later this year – October – November. But the situation at the moment has raised doubts about the possibility of a World Twenty20. Also, many cricketers have claimed that the Tito Twenty20 World Cup should not be held in an empty gallery. That's why an urgent meeting has been called to determine the future of the Tottenham World Cup.

However, with this meeting, it does not seem that the future of the Twenty20 World Cup will be right now. The ICC will talk to the Australian government, as well as the cricket boards of various countries, and then make the final decision. He will have to wait a few more days.

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