The idol of Vishnu, which was rescued while cutting the pond, was established in the local fort temple


Banglahant Desk: While digging the pond, a Vishnu statue of Kastipathar came up from the ground. The incident took place at Dasia village of Kaliaganj police station in North Dinajpur district. The idol was rescued when locals went to cut the pond on Thursday. The idol has been installed in the local fort for the time being.
The incident has caused a stir in Dasia village. According to the locals, the work of Kaliaganj National Employment Project has been going on in the village for the last few days. The 100-day project was going on to cut the pond.
On Thursday, the locals rescued the idol while cutting the pond. The stone statue comes up with the ground. The idol was erected by the locals in the Durga Temple. Pujo also started.

A resident of Dasia village said that the idol of Vishnu will be worshiped in the Durga temple for the time being. But how did the idol come? Another resident, a professor of history by profession. He said that about a thousand years ago, some artists from Amiti village in Joyhat area under Itahar police station used to make idols by cutting stones from Rajmahal hills.
Those idols were sold in various places. Later, during the reign of Bakhtiyar Khilji, those idols were smashed and thrown into the pond. Probably such an idol has come up so far with the cutting of the pond.