The income is low so the British Prime Minister can leave the mattress to return to his previous job, find out what his job was

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's salary is not being slashed, so he can step down as Prime Minister. Boris can make the final decision on this very soon. That is what the British media is claiming Let's not know what his job was before he became the Prime Minister where he used to earn more than the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson

First of all, as the British Prime Minister, Boris is currently receiving a salary of ৫০ 150,402 a year. In Indian currency it is about one and a half crore rupees. Before he was sworn in last July, he was earning even more.

Before taking over the PM's job, Boris earned only Rs 22 lakh a month by writing in newspapers. Boris also earned a lot of money by giving lectures in different places It has been heard that he earned Rs 1.5 crore in one month in Indian currency just by giving speeches. Which is his current annual salary.

Boris has six children. There is a cost of their maintenance and education In addition, his ex-wife Marina Wheeler has to pay a large amount of alimony. All in all, the British Prime Minister is in a lot of trouble. However, he is not stepping down right now. He wants to wait until the Brexit process is completed. At the same time, there are plans to bring the country out of the Corona situation. In all, Boris wants to serve as British prime minister for at least another six months.