The Indian Army had applied for a new post to deal with the enemy, and the Modi government agreed


Banglahant Desk: The Indian Army is getting stronger after the Doklam conflict with China in 2016, and again in the conflict with China in 2020, the Government of India allowed the appointment of Deputy Chief of Army Staff. . According to army sources, the government agreed to form a new post of Deputy Chief of Army Staff Strategy following the recommendation of Army Headquarters. Director General of Military Operations Lieutenant General Paramjit Singh (lt gen paramjit singh) has been assigned.

The creation of a third Deputy Chief of Staff in the Army will reduce some of the workload on the Vice Chief of Army Staff. This is because this special committee will be given important responsibilities like military intelligence and military operations. The government has also agreed to create a new post of Director General of Information Warfare. This new committee will look into issues related to the media.

Tensions between the two countries were at an all-time high when Indian and Chinese troops clashed in Doklam. The Army Headquarters then requested for the formation of this post. The government agreed to form the post of Director General of Information. As a result, the office of the Additional Director General of Strategic Communications will also be attached.

Even after assuming the post of Deputy Chief of Army Staff Strategy, General Paramjit Singh will have many more important responsibilities. He will oversee various tasks such as military intelligence, military operations, strategic planning and operations logistics.

On the one hand, as powerful weapons as on the other hand, the formation of new positions for border protection, all in all, India is fully preparing itself in all aspects. India is preparing in such a way that it understands when the enemy will attack from any direction.