The Indian Army has taken this special step to protect important documents of the country

BanglaHunt Desk: The Indian Army has created an app for their own protection. India went one step further on the path to a self-reliant India. Secure Application for Internet (SAI- Secure Application for Internet) was created to protect secret documents inside the country from the hands of the enemy. Not all citizens of the country, only Indian Army soldiers can use this app.

What are the benefits of this app?

The Indian Army has all the facilities to keep important documents safe as well as end-to-end voice, text, video calling, messaging. This app can only be used by the army engaged in the security of the country. SAI is designed with local in-house servers and coding-based security features. So that this app can be changed like army facility.

Confidential documents will be saved

Speaking of this app, this SAI app is an app like WhatsApp, Telegram, News and GIMS. In order to keep all the secret information of the army of the country confidential, his arrangement has been made through this app. In order to prevent any information from being leaked through the use of this app, it has been taken seriously.

App maker

This special app for the army was created by Colonel Sai Shankar, Commanding Officer, Signal Unit, Rajasthan. CERT's auditors and Army Cyber ​​Group are engaged in more detailed testing of this app.

Made in India on the way to implementation

The country is slowly moving towards a self-reliant India. The app, made all over India, will be used to protect army information from now on. Prime Minister's Made in India on the way to implementation.