The Indian government is not in the mood for lockdown growth, an exit plan is being prepared


BanglaHunt Desk: In order to prevent the transmission of Corona virus (COVID-19) in India, it has been decided to lockdown till May 3. Citizens have been barred from leaving their homes without an urgent need at this time. However, the use of masks and maintaining social distance was essential when leaving the house for essential products.

Although the lockdown has been relaxed in some cases from Monday, the central government has decided to grant relief in some cases from May 3. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not yet decided to extend the lockdown deadline after the second round of lockdown ended due to the Corona virus. However, the Center has informed that in some cases, the lockdown can be relaxed. However, the discount will not be given in the places included in the red and orange zones.

Let's take a look at some of the things that can be discounted-

1) Areas in the green zone may be allowed to move within the city.

2) Social distance and the use of masks when going out on the streets is mandatory, which will become a part of people's daily life.

3) Use this mask and hand sanitizer as soon as you leave the house.

3) However, there will not be much crowds at any place.

5) Keeping in mind the social distance, the distance between the employees in the office should be maintained.

6) In case of wedding ceremony, religious place, written permission has to be taken from DM.

3) In places like Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Indore, even after May 1st, lockdown rules must be followed.

3) Some more essential items can be opened from 3rd May than now.

3) After May 5, the government has not yet taken any decision on the train movement, concession on aviation.

However, a decision on the lockdown will be taken after an official review after May 15.

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