The Indian government is preparing for foreign companies to leave China

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus (COVID-19) has left China and foreign companies are expanding their business in India. As a result, China is getting weaker and weaker. Many foreign companies are now collecting from China. The whole world is now mad at China because of Wuhan's corona virus. That is why many more countries, including the United States and Japan, are now moving their companies away from China.

India can benefit

As different companies move their business from China, India may benefit. The various state governments of the country are preparing themselves to invite all these foreign companies to India. Since the joint meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Ministers of various states before the third phase of lockdown, various state governments have been in turmoil.

India is preparing to invite foreign companies leaving China

In a previous meeting at Lockdown, the Prime Minister had said that India should be ready for all the companies that would move out of China. That is why the Uttar Pradesh government has come a long way. Uttar Pradesh MSME and Export Expert Minister Siddharth Nath Singh has already spoken to about 100 US companies. He also talked to various companies in South Korea and urged them to set up companies there.

Various states of India are getting ready for this work

Apart from Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and some northeastern states are being set up to bring in companies from China. As a result, trade and commerce in those states will increase and the country's economic system will be able to turn around.

The Indian government has stepped in to bring those Chinese companies home. About 1,000 foreign companies are already considering opening companies in India. Because of the corona virus, those companies want to bring their companies back from China quickly. That is why they have started talking to the leaders of India.

The number of working people in India is much higher

Due to the large number of workers in India, it is very easy to beat China. In the midst of this crisis, those foreign companies want to leave China and open a company in India. So that they do not have any problem even if there is any epidemic in the future. However, about 300 foreign companies have already made arrangements to do business in India.