The Indian government is trying to save the people from the virus, Pakistan is making grave arrangements


BanglaHunt Desk: On the one hand, when India has invested all its energy to save the people from the virus, it is a shame for any country that Pakistan has started. Always wants to get in trouble with India. However, in the thinking of India and Pakistan, but the sky is still subdued, it is found again. India is always worried about protecting its citizens from the hands of the Corona virus (COVID-19). They are constantly striving to protect the citizens. Strengthening the hospital. The masks needed to combat corona N95 are about 1 lakh 3 thousand.

In addition, India's two domestic companies are preparing 3,000 N95 masks per day, which will exceed 1 lakh in the next one week. On the other hand, DRDO will prepare 20,000 N95 masks every day from next week to prevent corona. Once again DRDO has begun the delivery of a fullbody suit to protect medical personnel. The Union Health Ministry also informed about the safety and essential products and masks of the country. Again, millions of PPE from abroad are being imported into India. There are 3 internal PPE companies in the country. They are also being monitored for security and they have been ordered 2 million PPE. These companies will supply 3-5 thousand pes PPE daily. Which will increase in April and supply 1,000.

The government is taking private hospitals and various large buildings from the rail service to quarantine. India is doing all this to protect the citizens of its country. On the other hand, the Sindh government has declared 5 acres of land in Karachi to bury after the death of Corona victims in Pakistan. Already 4 people have been buried. The Pakistani government is making separate burial grounds for the coroners, as the disease does not spread to everyone. For this reason, the new cemetery has been erected at the intersection of National Highway and Super Highway in Karachi with the exception of the common cemetery.

In this way, the Pakistan government has built a total of six cemeteries. Why is the Pakistani government not insisting on the protection of its citizens in this situation? Lockdown status has not been properly issued in Pakistan, nor is the issue of poor food being taken seriously. Even medical supplies are not being provided for doctors. There, doctors are treating patients with plastic. In this situation, the Pakistani citizen has been vocal against the government, saying that the government is focusing more on building a cemetery than focusing on protecting the lives of its citizens.

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