The Indian runner donated money to sell his marathon medal to the Corona Relief Fund.


A long distance runner is veteran Teotia. He is a long distance Indian runner. Already, he has won various medals by participating in marathons from abroad including Thailand, Malaysia. Many people from all over the country know him. The Prime Minister is donating all the money she received by winning the marathon that she participated in the marathon, and then donating the money to the Prime Minister's Coronation Relief Fund.

The veteran Teotia has already sold two of his medals and received two lakh rupees, all of which he donated to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. He also thought he would sell 11 more medals, and said that the money received after the medal would be donated to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.

Veteran Teotia says to me these medals were like a dream come true, but why is he still selling his dream win and serving the people? Talking about this, Teotia, a former Navy commander, said that I was a soldier, having worked for the country all my life. Now my career is over but my duty is not over. Right now, when the situation in the country is getting worse, I feel that I should stand by the government in this situation. That is why I chose 11 of the best medals out of my winning medals, and I would like to deposit the full amount of money that comes from selling the Prime Minister to the Corona Conflict Fund.

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