The infamous cricket gambler got bail in the corona atmosphere across the country.


Twenty years ago, he was accused of match-fixing. His trial has been going on for a long time since then, a few days ago he was brought to India from Britain to be tried. Sanjeev Chawla is the infamous most wanted cricket bookie. Ever since he was brought to India in February, the whole world has been devastated by the corona virus. And this corona virus became a blessing to him. After coming to India, he repeatedly applied for bail but it was not granted at all. Notorious cricket gambler Sanjeev Chawla was finally granted bail.

Sanjeev Chawla was accused of match-fixing in 2000. His trial has been going on for a long time since then. He was brought to India from Britain in February for appropriate punishment. He has been in Indian jail ever since but was released on bail. However, he has been granted bail on the condition that he cannot leave the country.

Sanjeev Chawla was involved in match fixing in 2000. The then South African captain Hansie Cronje admitted to match-fixing in a confession. He said that Sanjeev Chawla forced him to do match-fixing and he did match-fixing by holding Sanjeev Chawla's hand. And since then the investigation against Sanjeev Chawla was going on. But suddenly Hansie Crony died in a plane crash a couple of months ago, then the investigation went a bit loose. But he was again brought to India in February to investigate against Sanjeev Chawla. But at the moment he has been granted conditional bail for the corona virus.