The IPL may be in October-November if the T20 World Cup stops.


Various tournaments have been postponed due to the horror of Corona worldwide. The major tournaments of the world, such as the Olympics, Euro Cup and Copa America, have been postponed like this year. In such a situation, uncertainty has arisen about the boys' T20 World Cup. On the other hand, the BCCI has postponed the IPL till April 15, keeping in mind the dire situation in the world. But the BCCI is desperate to make this billionaire league even if it stops. A BCCI official has said that if the T20 World Cup does not take place in October-November, then IPL may be at that time.

Right now, the number of coronas in the country is increasing rapidly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown across the country to prevent Corona. In such a case, the BCCI has announced that the IPL will be suspended from March 29 to April 15. The BCCI, on the other hand, canceled video messages last week with IPL franchises.

Taking into account the current situation around the world, the Australian government has decided to close their limits for the next six months. At this time, no one will be able to enter Australia from abroad as no one will be able to travel to Australia. That is why there is uncertainty surrounding the Tito World Cup this year. That is why an IPL official will be held in October if the TTO World Cup is canceled.

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