The Japanese embassy has released a picture of the bullet train, which will run on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route


Soon after Narendra Modi was elected Prime Minister of the country, Indian Railways took a positive step towards adding high speed and sophisticated bullet train. It is known that the bullet train will start in the country before the next Lok Sabha vote. For that purpose, the Japanese embassy has published the picture of the bullet train.

It is learned that the bullet trains of this E5 series of Japan will be run on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route with some changes. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad route is 238 km long. Land acquisition work has already been completed This time the work of building the infrastructure will start. It is learned that only Indian companies will be able to submit tenders in this regard.

The biggest tender has been called for a Vadodara truck from Bapi in Gujarat. This track is the largest bullet train route in India at the moment. There are four stations in this part.

It is learned that several companies have already shown interest in the tender. Among them are well-known companies like Larsen & Turbo. The 508 km long bullet train road is 349 km in Modi's state of Gujarat. The remaining 159 km is in Maharashtra.

In addition, the Modi government is going to present another state-of-the-art train to Indians. The government wants to add this rail as part of the modernization of the Indian railway system. It is learned that Bharat Heavy Electric Limited (VEL) has already entered into an agreement with Swiss Rapid AG to run this special train.

What is a maglev train?
The word maglev is a combination of the English words magnetic and levitation. This technology uses magnetic force to move an object forward without a wheel or ball bearing. The main feature of this maglev train is that it has no wheels. This train can run at a maximum speed of 500 km per hour without wheels. This train does not make any noise while running.