The journalist was missing after the coroner's news was published, and finally the search for the match was over

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona published the news! A journalist who has been missing for two months has been found. The name is Li Ja Hua. Who had been missing for more than two months. Finally, this Citizen Reporter has been found. Jehua was one of the first journalists to inform the world about the deadly virus that spread there. He showed how miserable his condition became due to corona through video and photo. And after that, this Chinese journalist had to face the wrath of the government. He suddenly disappeared. But before he went missing, he said he had been followed by a white SUV since the news broke. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

On February 26, Jehua released another piece of news. He said police chased him. He has been missing since then. Some speculated that he had been detained. But no trace of Jehua was found. Two months later, Jehua told himself where he had been for so long! He said he was detained in Hubei province. After that he was in quarantine there. The local administration had asked him to stay in quarantine for a long time as he was in a sensitive area. However, many in the Chinese media have claimed that the information provided by Jehua is not completely true. Many like to say that he has to say these things under pressure.

He went there after another journalist, Chen Qushi, went missing. That's what Jehua said. He made a video of a place where the body was being cremated. Journalist Chen Queshi has been missing for 65 days. Another journalist named Fang Bing is also missing.