The journey to the playoffs is not easy, find out which number Kolkata Knight Riders can reach the playoffs

The awkward loss to the Mumbai Indians put the Kolkata Knight Riders on the brink of collapse. On the evening of Ashtami, Varun Chakraborty brought the Kolkata team out of the ditch. Delhi's strong batting line-up was virtually shattered by the mystery of this mystery spinner. But despite winning on the evening of Ashtami, the road to the play-offs is still not easy for Kolkata. Let's not know which number Kolkata can go to the playoffs.

Kolkata have only three matches left at the moment. Kolkata will have to win two of these three matches to secure a place in the play-offs. Winning two matches is a kind of guaranteed play-off ticket. If Kolkata is to go 1 match instead of two, then Kolkata will have to look at the results of other teams.

Kolkata's battle against Punjab in Sharjah on 26 October. Punjab is at number 7 at the moment. Needless to say, they will give Kolkata a tough fight to get to the top four. Besides, Punjab's two openers are in great form. Gayle also has the ability to take the desert city by storm at any moment. Punjab's bowling is also quite tight. All in all, winning the Punjab match will not be easy for Kolkata.

Kolkata has a match against Chennai on October 29. Even if Dhoni's team is knocked out of the league at the moment, it would not be right to take him lightly based on the old performance of this team. Yet Dhoni alone has the ability to be a one-man army at any moment.

Kolkata will play the last match of the league against Rajasthan on November 1. Kolkata will be a bit difficult to win against this team even if they are at number 7.