The jugaad that makes the cooler an AC went viral, the heat will go away in 10 rupees


कूलर को AC बनाने वाला जुगाड़ हुआ वायरल, 10 रुपए में दूर हो जाएगी गर्मी

Make AC cooler Image Credit source: Instagram/ jasvir_engineer_official

The iron of the jugaad of Indians is acknowledged by the world. The people of our country have such talent, seeing which the world’s biggest engineers get confused. Believe me, many people are such great artists that they make bad things successful by breathing life into them. The video of one such jugaad is going viral. After watching this video, believe me, you too can get coolness like AC from air cooler. This video of work is becoming increasingly viral in the world of internet.

The scorching summer season has started and now ACs have been turned on in almost all the houses. But there are many people who are still not turning on the AC of the house due to the fear of electricity bill… Such people are afraid that the coolness of the AC may not blow the fuse of their budget, but even those people are feeling the same heat. ? A video has surfaced for such people. In which a person has told how through jugaad, AC work can also be done through a cooler.

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watch video here

In the video you can see that a person first breaks the pot and then puts it under the cooler. Then takes a pot and makes a big hole under it so that the motor of the cooler can be fitted comfortably under it. After that he fills water in the cooler and turns it on. Now whether our cooler becomes AC through this jugaad or not, it will be known only after trying this jugaad. At present, this video is becoming increasingly viral and people are liking it very much.

This video has been shared on Instagram by the Instagram handle named ‘Engineer Jasvir’ (jasvir_engineer_offical). Which has been liked by more than nine lakh people till the time of writing the news and their respective reactions are being given by commenting on it. One user wrote, ‘Looking at this jugaad, it looks tremendous, hope it does the work in the same way.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘This is a jugaad to make the cooler an AC for ten rupees.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback by commenting on this.

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