The Kapil Sharma Show: Who misled Krushna Abhishek? The comedian told why he left the show


The Kapil Sharma Show: किसने किया था कृष्णा अभिषेक को गुमराह? कॉमेडियन ने बता दिया, क्यों छोड़ा था शो

Krishna Abhishek Image Credit source: Instagram

The Kapil Sharma Show Krushna Abhishek: The Kapil Sharma Show There are many other artists who are able to make people laugh. Kapil Sharma support the. Comedian is one of them Krishna Abhishek, who is known for his tremendous comic style. After making people laugh for a long time, Krishna said goodbye to the show. Although now he has made a comeback.

Krishna Abhishek is an important part of the show. He plays the character of Sapna, which people like a lot. Ever since he left the show, his fans and fans of the show were constantly demanding his return. At last, now he is back. As soon as he returned to the show, he has also given the reason why he had distanced himself from the show.

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Krishna Abhishek was brainwashed

A promo video of the show has surfaced, in which Krishna is saying that he was brainwashed, that’s why he left the show. In the video that surfaced, Krishna tells the rest of the show’s members that he missed everyone a lot, but no one called him. On this Kapil says that he had called, but he did not come.

On this matter of Kapis Sharma, Krishna jokingly says that he was brainwashed. Kapil asks who did it? To which Krishna says that money had brainwashed him. Let me tell you, he left the show due to some problem regarding contract and money. In a recent interview, he told that now there have been some changes in the contract, after which they have come together.

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How much is the fee of Krishna Abhishek

Krishna Abhishek is a popular comedian. It is told about him in the reports that earlier he used to charge a hefty fee of Rs 10 to 12 lakhs for working in an episode. Now that there has been a change in the contract regarding money, it is clear that his fees have increased along with the comeback. Although now the information about how much fees he will get, has not been revealed yet.

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