The Kerala Story: 30, 32 or 50 thousand, how many girls went missing from Kerala? Many claims made in the film


The Kerala Story: 30, 32 या 50 हज़ार, केरल से कितनी लड़कियां हुईं गायब? फिल्म में किए गए कई दावे

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story: Film The Kerala Story Has been released in cinemas. Even before its release, this film was in controversies regarding its claim. The matter also took a political turn. There was rhetoric from all sides. The whole dispute was on the figure of 32 thousand. Converting so many girls from one state and getting them included in the terrorist organization, many people are not able to digest.

Makers publicized the conversion and disappearance of 32,000 girls before the release. In such a situation, the question is whether any facts have been given in the film to prove this claim. Has there been talk of 32 thousand girls in the film? Know the truth.

how many girls are missing

The makers claimed that 32,000 girls had gone missing, but it seems that Sudipto Sen himself is confused. In the film, he told about the disappearance of 30 thousand girls at many places and 32 thousand at some places. Not only this, the figure of 50 thousand was also heard at one place in the film. It has been claimed that more than 50 thousand girls are missing, but this is an unofficial number. It was claimed that 261 of these girls have been rescued.

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Sharia law runs in some villages of Kerala

It is shown in this film that girls who have come to study in Kasaragod, Kerala are forced to convert to Islam. Regarding this claim, it has also been said in the film that even today Sharia law prevails in some villages of Kerala, just like in Syria and Yemen.

It is claimed in the film that after the conversion of the girls, they are sent to Syria through different countries on fake passports. After coming there, she has to live with the terrorists, even if she wants to, she cannot prove herself innocent.

People are made emotionless by using medicine

It has been shown in the film that some medicines are used in this training to convert people. These medicines i.e. drugs help in staying hungry and thirsty for a long time. They can’t sleep. This medicine kills the humanity hidden inside a person and makes him a beast.

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