The Kerala Story: A film inspired by real life, painful story of 32000 women being misled


The Kerala Story Trailer: रियल लाइफ से इंस्पायर्ड फिल्म, 32000 महिलाओं को गुमराह करने की दर्दनाक कहानी

The Kerala Story: The trailer of the film The Kerala Story has been released and with its release, the curiosity of the fans is also increasing. Adah Sharma will be seen in the lead role in this film based on Real Incident. Let’s know what this film is about.

Adah Sharma from The Kerala Story Trailer

The Kerala Story Trailer Review: The dreadful scene of terrorism has been seen all over the world. in india too terrorism spread its wings and did a lot of damage. Some stories are such that when you hear about them then you will get goosebumps. there was such a story when Kerala The girls were lured into a mission and held in their clutches. The lives of many were ruined and their families were pushed into a scene of pain and helplessness.

On which incident is the film based?

Sunshine Pictures has shared a video of 2 minutes 45 seconds, seeing which the ground slips under anyone’s feet. In this story, the story of 32 thousand women being taken hostage by ISIS has been shown. How the conspiracy was hatched behind this, who was used and what was done to the women after taking them in their captivity, all this will be shown in this film. It shows how innocent girls studying in college were targeted and their lives were ruined.

Watch the trailer here-

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These days a lot of content is being prepared on true incidents which are being shown either in the form of web series or in the form of films. The Kerala Story is a film which will be released in theatres. The film is set to be released on May 5, 2023. It shows how women of other religions were implicated by resorting to love jihad and an attempt was made to mislead them by spreading false information about Islam. This story is inspired by the incidents that happened in 2018-19 when suddenly young girls started disappearing.

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Director-producer co-wrote the film

Talking about the film, it has been directed by Sudipto Sen and actress Adah Sharma will play the lead role in it. The film is produced by Vipul Amrithal Shah and he has also written the story of the film along with director Sudipto. Looking at the film, it seems that it has both content and relevance, but it will be a matter to be seen who goes to the theaters to watch this disturbing story.

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