The Kerala Story: Film released in single screen theaters in West Bengal, crowd gathered


The Kerala Story: नहीं रुक रही

The Kerala Story Collection

The Kerala Story in West Bengal: ‘The Kerala Story’ For now slowly even the closed doors are opening. Even after controversies, people are continuously looking excited to watch this film. On the other hand, ‘The Kerala Story’ has also beaten big films in terms of earning. After watching the film, people are expressing their opinion on the story of ‘The Kerala Story’. Meanwhile, a good news has come to the fore for the makers.

Actually ‘The Kerala Story’ has got a theater in West Bengal. Amid controversies, Ada Sharma’s film is being shown in single screen theatres. However, the ban on The Kerala Story in West Bengal was lifted by the Supreme Court a week ago. But the film was still not released in theatres. Makers and distributors had claimed that they were being threatened not to release the film.

But now finally, ‘The Kerala Story’ has found a theater in the state according to the music director of the film, which belongs to West Bengal. However, on this matter, the owners of some theaters and multiplexes say that they do not have any vacant slots for the next two weeks. All the slots are completely full. That’s why they will take 2 more weeks to release The Kerala Story.

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Director Sudipto Sen’s Kerala Story is the story of women who are brainwashed and converted to Islam by ISIS. The film is performing brilliantly at the box office, but its opposition continues by telling a one-sided story. However, there is also an allegation of promoting the film by many political leaders. After which this film was banned in West Bengal.

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