The Kerala Story: Madras High Court refuses to ban controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’, dismisses petition


The Kerala Story: मद्रास हाई कोर्ट ने विवादित फिल्म

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story: Madras High Court disputed film The Kerala Story But a petition seeking a ban has been rejected. Earlier, the Supreme Court had refused to hear several petitions banning the release of the film. The highest court of the country had advised the petitioner to go to the High Court. One of the petitions filed in the Supreme Court to stop the release of the film was also of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind.

The Kerala Story is going to be released across the country tomorrow i.e. on 5th May. The film is directed and written by Sudipto Sen and Adah Sharma plays the lead role in it. The film claims to show the story of girls who were seduced and first converted to Islam and then sent to Syria to join the terrorist organization ISIS.

Controversy has been going on since the release of the teaser regarding this film. However, when its trailer was released recently, the controversy became more heated. In the film, questions are being raised on the claim of 32,000 Kerala girls converting to Islam and joining ISIS.

The ruling party in Kerala says that this film has been made to defame Kerala and it will increase hatred between communities. The Democratic Youth Federation of India, the youth wing of the CPM, has filed a complaint against the film’s director and producer in Kerala and demanded action.

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