The Kerala Story: Makers furious over the film, claims that what was said did not happen to the three girls in the picture


The Kerala Story: फिल्म में फुस्स हुए मेकर्स के दावे, पिक्चर में तीन लड़कियों के साथ वो हुआ ही नहीं जो कहा गया

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story Release: in the midst of great controversy The Kerala Story Released today. Before the release, the makers had claimed during the promotion and through the teaser that this film is the story of conversion of 32 thousand girls of Kerala, their disappearance and joining the terrorist organization ISIS. But when the trailer came, it was told in its description to show the story of three girls.

Although the makers have shown the story of only three girls from Kerala. But here it is important to note whether the claims made by the makers like religious conversion, inclusion in ISIS have been shown in the film. The film is written by its director Sudipto Sen himself. He said in several interviews before the release that after watching the film one should form an opinion about it. In such a situation, know what has been shown in the film.

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What happened to the three girls?

Adah Sharma is in the lead role in The Kerala Story. The name of her character is Shalini. Along with him, the story of two other actresses, Siddhi Idnani (Geetanjali) and Yogita Bihani (Neema) goes on. Shalini is in the beginning and center of the film. They are trapped in the web of love under a conspiracy. Shalini becomes pregnant. After this they are married. She is also sent to Syria, where she gets caught in the clutches of ISIS.

The other girl is Gitanjali. It is shown in the film that Gitanjali falls in love with a Muslim boy. After this she accepts Islam, although she does not marry the boy. After refusing to marry, she again comes back to Hinduism. After this some pictures of her are leaked under the conspiracy and she gives her life.

Neema is the third girl. Neema is a Christian. It is shown in the film that Neema never converts to Islam. She does not believe that she should change her religion. He is forced. In the film, he was also shown to be gang-raped. But even after facing many difficulties, she remains firm on her words.

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Makers’ claim and the truth of the film

That is, only one out of three girls in the film is reaching Syria. Two girls are getting converted, but one is coming back to her religion again. Only one out of three girls is marrying a Muslim boy. And the makers claimed to have disappeared, but only one of the three girls goes missing in the film.

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