The Kerala Story: Promised to be removed in court, but this teaser claiming ’32 thousand girls’ still exists on YouTube


The Kerala Story: कोर्ट में किया हटाने का वादा, पर

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story Teaser Fact Check: Ada Sharma’s film amidst controversy and protest The Kerala Story Released in theaters today. After the film’s release, a petition to ban it was heard in the Kerala High Court. But the court refused to ban the film. But the producer agreed to remove the claim of 32 thousand girls disappearing and joining the terrorist organization ISIS from the social media.

During the hearing, Justice Nagaresh said that how can you say that she was 32 thousand? On this, advocate Ravi Kadam, appearing for the producer of The Kerala Story, said that this was said on the basis of an information received by us. That thing was in the teaser. Which we will not say further now. During this, the lawyer told the court that we are removing it from social media.

Did the teaser get removed?

The teaser and trailer of The Kerala Story was released on the YouTube channel of Sunshine Pictures. About five months ago a teaser of this came, in which the figure of 32 thousand was first used. The teaser shared five months ago is no longer visible on the YouTube channel of Sunshine Pictures. That is, the makers have removed that teaser.

Makers have removed the teaser of The Kerala Story. But the announcement teaser of the film which was released on March 22, 2022 has not been removed. Last year, The Kerala Story was announced with this video. The video also contains the statement of former Kerala CM VS Achuthanandan.


In this video too, the makers have mentioned ’32 thousand girls’. The teaser reads, “Thousands of girls were sent to ISIS and other Islamic war zones in the last 10 years.” Next to it is written, “The Kerala Story.” Then the makers wrote that it was inspired by true events, “Based on the true story of 32 thousand girls, counting is still going on.” Till the time of writing the news, the announcement teaser is available on the makers’ YouTube.

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