The king is a mess with Bengali songs! Raising complaints on social media


BanglaHunt Desk: When social media is opened, the music of rapper king Pavel Dev's singing 'Batiloke's BT lo' is a jar of ear-jerk. The song is named 'Rhonda Flower'. The Punjabi song has been composed with a new song. Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez (Jacqueline Fernandez) was seen in the waist rock in the music video of the song. And with this song sung by King and Pavel Dev, there was a storm of criticism on social media. The king is messing with a famous song in Bangla

The problem is not with the rapper King and Pavel Dev singing, but not acknowledging the origin of the song. A good note on YouTube can be seen in the lyrics of the lyrics king lyrics in the song description. Nowhere is the source of many old and popular Bengali songs acknowledged. And many have sparked outrage over social media. The complainant, the creator of such a triumphant song, remains oblivious to the neglect of many. And many who are happy with his music are doing business. However, none of the Ratan's people received his real respect.

Someone wrote that he did not like the way Bengali folk music was used. Someone once again expressed anger over not expressing gratitude to the person who wrote the song. The story of Rattan Kahar, who is at the core of creating such a folk song, and the story that is at the core of creating the song, has all surfaced on social media pages.

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