The last homage was given to a village in Maharashtra named after Irfan Khan


Banglahant Desk: The name of a village in Maharashtra is going to be changed in honor of the late actor Irrfan Khan. The name of the village will be changed after paying last respects to the actor. Such a decision was made keeping in mind that even after his death he would live among the people of the village.
The name of Igatpuri village in Maharashtra is being changed in memory of Irfan. The new name will be 'Hiro-Chi-Wadi', which means hero's neighborhood in Marathi. Gorakh Bobade, a member of the village district council, said this. In fact, the actor has a long association with this village. Irfan bought land in this village a long time ago. The purpose was to come on vacation and spend time alone. At that time, seeing the misery of the people of the village, his mind became overwhelmed. From then on, he stood by the people of the village in danger.

It is learned that the villagers had requested Irfan for an ambulance as the health center was far away from the village. The actor did not accept their request. He renovated the village school house. He used to send books, raincoats and sweet boxes to encourage the students. The residents of Igatpuri village cannot believe that such a person is no more.
Incidentally, with the death of Irrfan Khan on April 29, Indrapatan happened in Bollywood. From the stars to the common people, everyone was stunned that day. No one could accept the death of the actor. Because going somewhere, everyone became united with his life and acting.
As lively as the acting was, in real life the man was also very good. His heart cried when he saw the sorrow of the people. The biggest example is Igatpuri. So this is the last respectable villager for the actor.