The leopard is pulling the sleeve of the shirt, playing with people! Video goes viral on social media

BanglaHunt Desk: Leopard, the first to be heard, but in front of our eyes, a bright yellow spot on the black spot. With a long tail, he stared at the prey as if rushing towards the prey. When I think about it, I get thorns on my body. But for a while this frightened feeling seemed to disappear in an instant. On the contrary, it seems that where is the tiger, it seems to be the pet of the house.

A video taken in the Tirthan Valley of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh has gone viral on social media in recent times. As seen in that viral video, tourists get out of their cars like themselves, enjoying the natural beauty of the place. There are also about 3 cars for tourists. Suddenly a leopard came from nowhere and appeared in front of them. What would the visitors be afraid of seeing him, on the contrary, the leopard began to behave like a pet cat.

In the viral video, the leopard is seen pulling the handle of the sweater of a person present there. It looks like a house cat. Many people have captured that beautiful scene on camera and posted it on social media. This video went viral after posting.

In words, the tiger's aunt is a cat, but it is not desirable to say that the behavior will be like that of the aunt. By tiger we mean a frightened animal, frozen in appearance. It is advisable to look at him from a distance, not at all. After seeing the tiger's behavior in the Kullu area of ​​Himachal Pradesh, many people have commented on social media that it is probably a pet tiger whose behavior is similar to that of domestic animals. Maybe for some reason he ran away from home and took to the streets.