The lion cubs are cuddling in the lap of the monkey! Social media viral video won the hearts of netizens


BanglaHunt Desk: Understanding the pastimes of nature is a big responsibility. Humans or wild animals – a large number of viral videos are circulating on the net every day. The viral video stands in a position without which daily life would be incomplete for netizens.

At present, in order to meet the needs of human beings, every day, either nature or human beings, some or some activities are going viral in the net world. Seeing this, netizens are sometimes killed with laughter, and sometimes tears are flowing with tears in their eyes. But in recent times, videos of a monkey and a lion cub have gone viral on the net world.

Let’s take a look at the viral video first-

As seen in the video, a monkey is rushing up a tree with a baby lion. Just like your own child. The lion is caressing the cub like his own child, the monkey is giving his back hair. Meanwhile, the lion cubs are also taking care of the monkeys quite comfortably. He has no hold of his own. He is also safe with the divine monkey.

This video was taken from Kruger National Park in South Africa. IFS Sushant Nanda shared this video on social media and it went viral. The video has already received about 14K views. About 250 retweets and about 1500 thousand likes have also fallen. Netizens have made this video of Netdunia quite their own.