The lion slapped the back of the duck to play the trick! Viral video of sweet friendship is winning the hearts of netizens


BanglaHunt Desk: Nowadays, a viral video of a sweet friendship is being seen on social media. Which may seem a bit unrealistic, but in reality it has. A video of a sweet friendship between a lion and a duck. Many may wonder, how can there be friendship between a lion and a duck? There must be some technology manipulation here! Not at all, the whole video is absolutely true.

In the moment of some leisure in the space of work, whether it is news feed with mobile hand or social media, people’s eyes are searching for viral videos. Which puts a smile on people’s faces in the weary life. Viral VD is one of the main choices of people in the world of entertainment now.

Let’s take a look at how the friendship video between the lion and the duck has gone viral.

As seen in the video, a duck is swimming in a pond. A lion standing on the bank saw a duck in the water and went ahead. Then, naturally, the same idea was born in everyone’s mind – the lion understood that this time he would pick up the duck and eat it. That’s normal.

But not exactly the opposite happened. Instead of killing the duck, it was seen that the lion went forward to help the duck. At first, Singh Babaji helped the duck to get up by raising his hand. But when the duck did not get up and turned its face away from the water again, the lion slapped its back. The video of this sweet scene of the food eater went viral on social media.