The lion was drinking water, then the little turtle reached, fearlessness was such that even the king of the jungle retreated


पानी पी रहा था शेर, तभी पहुंच गया नन्हा कछुआ, निडरता ऐसी कि जंगल का राजा भी हट गया पीछे

The baby turtle disturbed the lion drinking water

There are some animals that feel good only in the forest, because if they come in human areas, then they will create havoc. Of these, the first number comes from the lion. Lions are counted among the most dangerous animals in the world and King of the Jungle Also called. No animal of the forest makes the mistake of getting entangled with them, because they easily make even big animals their prey. You social media But there are many types of related to their hunting videos Must have seen. Nowadays one such video is becoming very viral, but in this the lion is not seen hunting but running away in fear of a small turtle.

Actually, the lion was drinking water in the pond, when a small turtle reaches there and starts driving the lion away. The surprising thing is that even the lion starts moving from there to another place without harming the tortoise. In the video, you can see that the lion is drinking water and the turtle slowly swims towards it. In such a situation, the lion turns its face up, but the tortoise follows it. What should the poor lion do now? He silently goes to another place and starts drinking water, but the tortoise reaches there too and starts troubling the lion. This video is very cute and funny.

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This funny video of lion and turtle has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @Figensport and in a funny caption it is written that the turtle is trying to tell the lion to go away from here, this place mine is

This video of just 29 seconds has been viewed more than 12 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video and given different reactions. One user has written that ‘the power of the host should not be underestimated’, while another user has written that ‘it is surprising that such a big powerful animal is afraid of a small creature’.

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