The little monkey 'Kako' eating rice with his hands, that video is very viral in Netpara

Viral video: Countless videos go viral every day across Netpara. Many of which are animals. Animals go viral by mimicking human manners. Of all the animals, the ape has the most in common with humans. Recently, a video of a pet monkey named Kako went viral on Netdunia

Kako's various videos have gone viral before. Uncle is just like a human child. He joined his mother's work and carried the rice cooker. When the mother takes the rice for cooking, she is seen consuming a handful of rice and swallowing it. Then the whole house revolved around the mother's feet. Sometimes he is seen doing mischief Naughty, he climbed on the water drum, but he sat down quietly at his mother's instruction.

When the cooking was done, he was seen sitting on his mother's lap and eating air quietly under the fan. But as soon as mother opened the fridge, she became restless. He runs and looks for food in the fridge. When his mother gives him a yogurt or milkshake, he calms down He can be seen eating like a boy forced by a straw. Throughout the video, she can be seen wearing diapers

But this time the video is different. In this video, Kako is seen sitting with his family and eating rice. Uncle sits next to his mother and eats rice like an obedient son. However, Kako has not yet learned to eat properly with his own hands. His mother also fed him. Like other videos, this video of Kako has gone viral. Check out this sweet video