The lockdown also harassed the police, dismissing the police from being viral


BanglaHunt Desk: China, Italy, Iran have not been killed in India. And the central and state governments built tightly to avoid its horrors. Lockdown has recently been announced in several states. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed. Recently, Prime Minister Modi announced that lockdown would be observed across the country till April 7. In this situation, all are detained.
Like other emergency services, police are also on duty in this situation. They are also repeatedly barred from leaving the house. Sticks have also been reported in many places. In other places, different pictures have also been seen. The song 'Sarfarosh' has been heard in the throat of a policeman from Pune. A sub-inspector of the Chennai Traffic Police is shaking hands to get people out of the house, even the picture that has caught sight.

However, there are opposite sides of the coin. In the wake of the lockdown situation, there have been numerous police attacks on innocent people. One of these is a video by the Delhi Police. As seen in the video, the constable of Delhi Police named Rajbir was walking in the custody while wearing uniforms. He overturned two vegetable vendors. An eyewitness captured the entire incident. The Delhi administration has temporarily dismissed the police constable when the incident took place in Ranjit Nagar area of ​​Delhi on Thursday.

On the other hand, a similar incident has come to light in Badun, Uttar Pradesh. Some of the working-age youths were returning home on foot following the lockdown. A policeman made his way to the street with heavy bags without hearing any word of them being trapped in the street. In this connection, the OC at Badown police said that the policeman was an apprentice. There were senior officers with him, but they were busy on the other side. But appropriate arrangements will be taken in this regard.

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