The lockdown is an intervention for the Home Minister to disagree with the Center and the state over the exemption


Banglahunt Desk: Home Minister Amit Shah told about the second round of lockdown concessions. In the early days of the Corona virus, the Union State was united and fought. However, there are differences between the center and the state over several issues with lockdown. States like Maharashtra, Orissa and Rajasthan allow e-commerce companies to do business in the case of unnecessary and unnecessary things. With regard to lockdown concessions, the state governments started offering them discounts. That is why the center is forced to intervene this time.

In the case of Corona (COVID-19) only certain special discounts will be required in case of an emergency. Emergency service personnel will only get a small amount of transportation. They were, however, not obeyed in some states.

On Sunday evening, Union Minister Amit Shah said that in areas that have been identified as hot spots, some precautions have been taken by the administration. The State needs to ensure that the exemption is granted after proper evaluation of the actual circumstances. According to the Union Home Ministry sources, this directive has been amended several times in the last one week. However, the rules that the ministry was asked to follow were not followed in many states. Many states, including Rajasthan, Orissa, Maharashtra, Punjab, Telangana and Bihar, have made their own laws in lockdown. During the lockdown, all states were asked to exempt vehicles from e-commerce companies keeping lockdown rules in mind.

Even as news came from some states, e-commerce companies' vehicles could last 24 hours. However, it was said that e-commerce companies would trade only the required products. In this regard, Amit Shah had a meeting with his officials on the epidemic of the coroner, and gave some necessary instructions to the states. He said the situation should be kept under control by keeping in view the prime minister's views on the important issues of the coroner's war.

Arrangements will be made to bring back those affected workers who are outside the state. In the relief camp, the workers have to focus on food, housing. The safety of doctors and medical personnel should also be monitored. Security forces can also be deployed for them if needed.

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