The lockdown was being broken and prayers were being offered in the mosque


Banglahant Desk: Police arrived at Bidkin village in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra after receiving information that some people were praying. The agitated crowd started throwing stones at the police. A police officer was injured on the spot. The incident caused a stir in the area.

People have been banned from leaving their homes in the wake of the global corona virus (COVID-19) lockdown. All gatherings have been closed during this time. The government has banned all kinds of events. But in the meantime, on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, some people from the Muslim community in the village of Bidkin in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra go to the mosque to offer prayers. Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot.

Superintendent of Police Mokshada Patil said, “At around 7.30 pm on Monday, they received news that 35-40 people had gathered at a mosque in Bidkin village of Aurangabad district to offer prayers. As soon as the news came, a police team reached the spot. When they saw the police car, they started throwing bricks and stones at the police. As a result, a policeman was injured. Fifteen of the attackers have been arrested so far.

Maharashtra is at the top of the list of areas affected by the corona virus in India. The number of corona cases there has exceeded 6,000. In the last 24 hours, 522 people have been newly infected. 26 people died in one day, including 15 Mumbaikars. The death toll now stands at 369. In Mumbai alone, 57 cases of corona have been reported, of which 219 have already died. About 1.21 lakh people have been tested for corona in Maharashtra so far and about 1.45 lakh people are in home quarantine. On Monday, a 56-year-old head constable of Mumbai Police died.