The love crop of donkeys and zebras born in nature's own, viral pictures


Banglahunt Desk: In Rabindranath's poem 'Heroic', the child is like, 'How many things happen every day? '. Why is it that every child comes to our every day with so many thoughts that are not true? Again, nature creates so many things in our own eyes that we cannot even believe our eyes. Such a nature was born junkie. Which is the love crop of donkeys and zebras.

Donkey and Zebra love! It is difficult to believe. However, nothing is impossible with nature. This is one of the events shared by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, East Africa, on their Facebook page. Between Donkey and Zebra. They shared the photo of that love junkie on social media. Which is already at the top of the discussion on the net. Like every moment, comments, shares have become viral.

It is reported that in May last year, the Savo Mobile Veterinary Unit went from KWS Community Western to a community boarding park from Zebra Tsavo National Park.

After being with other livestock there, the zebra was sent to the National Park of Oulu. A year later the group saw the zebra with a baby. Like a donkey. Zebra type on foot. They are shocked at what they see.

In fact, even before this, scientists have artificially created many hybrid animals. But naturally it is known that the hybrid of the donkey and the zebra was born first.

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