The magic of Kajal's black eyes, the video of Nusrat to the tune of Shah Rukh's 'Mohabbatein'


Banglahant Desk: Almost everyone knows that actress Nusrat Jahan, a Trinamool MP, was a huge fan of this app before tiktok was banned in India. He often shared tickle videos on social media. The number of his followers was also noticeable. Even husband Nikhil Jain has been seen accompanying Nusrat's ticket.

But now they are past. Of course, it doesn't matter. Because Instagram reel video has come in the place of tickling. And it goes without saying that Nusrat has become quite accomplished in it. Once again, a video of Nusrat Jahan playing the guitar tune of 'Mohabbatein' starring Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral on social media.

Kajal's black eyes, sweet smile on her light pink lips, Nusrat made the video to the iconic tune of 'Mohabbatein'. Netizens are fascinated by the charming smile of the actress. They have filled the comment box with heart emoji. One commented, ‘Mar Dala’.

Recently, Nusrat made a funny video with a little one. He has put the dialogue of Hindi cinema around his neck. At first he acted and pushed Khude away. After that, the actress pulled him close and showed her heartbeat with her hand.

On the other hand, seeing this incident of Nusrat, Khude is laughing and eating loot. However, it was not known who he was. Netizens also laughed and watched the video of Kutipati actress MP. This video has gone viral on Netdunia.

Recently, a video of Nusrat Jahan dancing viral with popular Hindi songs went viral. Nusrat was seen dancing to the tune of Shreya Ghoshal and Darshan Rathore's 'Maheru Maheru'. His extraordinary facial expressions caught the eye especially. However, the actress did not share this video on her own. This video has been shared from an Instagram page called Tolly Planet Bangla. And the viral video as soon as it is shared.