The man bought Aryan Khan’s brand clothes for the servant-driver! Jacket sold for 2 lakhs, the price shocked


शख्स ने Aryan Khan के ब्रांड के कपड़े नौकर-ड्राइवर के लिए खरीदे! 2 लाख में बिक रही जैकेट, कीमत ने उड़ाए होश

Shahrukh Khan and Aryan KhanImage Credit source: Instagram

Aryan Khan Dyavol X Clothes: son of shahrukh khan Aryan Khan Has started his business even before entering the field of direction. Some time ago he started selling his vodka. Now Aryan has started selling clothes with some partners. But seeing the price of clothes of Aryan’s brand, people’s heads have turned.

From April 30, online sale of clothes was started on the website of Aryan Khan’s brand Diavol X. Although the cost of his brand’s clothes is so high that the common fans of Shahrukh Khan can hardly buy anything from there. Aryan also made Shah Rukh Khan the brand ambassador for his brand and appeared in an ad with him. The special thing is that this ad was directed by Aryan himself.

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How much does Aryan’s brand clothes cost?

Among all the clothes being sold by this brand of Aryan Khan, the jacket has the highest price. Actually Shahrukh Khan himself has been seen wearing the jacket. The price of this jacket is more than 2 lakh rupees, yet this jacket named Signature X has been sold out on the website.

It is not that only Aryan’s brand jacket is expensive. Here the sweatshirt is worth more than 33 thousand. Apart from this, the price of hoodie is above 45 thousand. Similarly, the price of T-shirts has been kept above 22 thousand. All these outfits are being sold under limited release.

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What are people saying?

After seeing the rate of the jacket, a Twitter user named Ravi Kumar shared a meme, in which it is written, Shahrukh Khan’s fans after seeing the rate of the jacket – seems to have to steal the iPhone.

A Twitter handle named Tejusurya 2.0 wrote, “Just ordered t-shirts from Diavolx for my maid, cook and driver. Hopefully it won’t be too cheap and they won’t make fun of my gift.”

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