The man fitted the flour mill on the bike by juggling, even the IAS got giddy after seeing the innovation


Desi Jugaad Video: बंदे ने जुगाड़ भिड़ाकर बाइक पर फिट की आटा चक्की, इनोवेशन देख IAS भी हुए गदगद

People were stunned to see jugaad flour mill on bikeImage Credit source: Twitter/@AwanishSharan

Jugaad In the matter of we Indians have no match. No matter how difficult the work is, we make it easy by adding one trick or the other. By juggling with junk, we Indians have shown the whole world how innovative we can be. For the time being, a similar desi jugaad The video is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, seeing which IAS officers have also been impressed.

This viral clip is only of a few seconds, but seeing this, everyone is saluting the person’s desi jugaad. In the video, the person is seen standing with his jugaad wali flour mill. You can guess that he has fitted the machine on top of his bike by playing jugaad. After this, this person puts a handful of grains in the machine, which in a few seconds the machine makes powder and removes it.

Watch here, the video of Desi Jugaad Wali Atta Chakki Machine

IAS said – what is innovation

2009 batch IAS officer Avneesh Sharan shared the video on Twitter and wrote, My mother sent me this video. This man had come to our house with his unique flour mill machine. What a wonderful innovation. The 15-second clip has been viewed more than 2.3 lakh times and many users have commented.

People said – the talent of the village

Some liked the person’s jugaad so much that they are not tired of reading ballads in his praise, while some are stunned to see it. At the same time, many people are eager to know about this technology. However, some people also say that such scenes are common in the village. One has written, a man comes to my village everyday, he sells gram sattu. Another user has written, Sir, this is very common in the villages of Bihar.

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