The man lay down like this by climbing on the electric pole, the public said – this is the celebrity of the colony


Viral Video: बिजली के खंभे पर चढ़कर यूं लेट गया बंदा, पब्लिक बोली- ये है बस्ती का हस्ती ब्रो

act of drunken manImage Credit source: Instagram/@zore_amol_

Thousands of videos go viral daily in the ‘world’ of the Internet. Some of these are very shocking, while seeing some you are forced to laugh holding your stomach. Meanwhile, such a video has surfaced on social media, seeing which the public is unable to stop laughing. Video I see a man sleeping very comfortably on top of an electric pole. Now seeing this clip, someone is telling it the wonder of desi liquor, while someone is asking how it climbed up.

You must have often heard people saying that they are flying a lot under the influence of alcohol. Today even see how people fly? At the beginning of the viral clip, a large crowd of people is seen at the intersection. Everyone is looking upwards. The very next moment when the angle of the camera changes, a person is seen lying on top of a street light pole. Like you, the crowd present there is also thinking that how this person climbed up and what is he doing there.

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watch video here

This video has been shared on Instagram on an account named @zore_amol_. The user has given the caption, Power of Desi. This video uploaded on June 5 is becoming increasingly viral. So far, about 67 thousand people have liked it, while many users have reacted in a funny way in the comment section.

A user has asked in surprise, first tell how the man climbed the pole. At the same time, another user has commented, he really flew away after drinking. Another user has written, Yeh Hai Hasti Ka Basti Bro. Apart from this, most of the users have reacted with emoji.

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