The Manchester United-East Bengal exhibition match was canceled due to Corona's push.


Corona's influence has long been felt in the world of sports. This time EPL giants Manchester United canceled the India tour due to Corona. This year marks the centenary of East Bengal, one of the leading football clubs in Kolkata. That is why the English club was scheduled to play an exhibition match against East Bengal in Kolkata this year.

A special delegation of Manchester United arrived in Kolkata in 2019 and visited the hotel where the footballers are staying, including Yuvbharati. They were quite satisfied to see the hotel and Yuvbharati. But all is well, but the historic match was ruined by the Maron virus. The EPL has been closed since March, no one knows when it will start again. Fog has also been created with the start of the new season.

The head of FIFA's medical committee has instructed that it is better not to start any kind of football before September. International flights are also closed at the moment. In such a situation, the tour of India is not possible in any way, so Manchester United has informed that they have canceled the tour of India at the moment due to the corona virus.