The marriage of the bride of the green zone with the groom of the red zone was witnessed by the police


BanglaHunt Desk: Earlier it was 'Bride of Barisal and Bride of Calcutta'. All that is now past. Lockdown time is now all zone based. The whole country is divided into red, orange and green zones. And it has also affected marriage. And it is such that the marriage of the bride of the green zone with the groom of the red zone is also taking place at the border of the kingdom.
Recently, such a strange incident has gone viral on social media. Arvind Kumar is 28 years old. The bride is 25 years old. Arvind lives in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, while Shadow lives in Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand. The couple got married before the lockdown was announced. But sometimes the color zones have caused problems because it has been cut for so long.

Arvind has fallen in the red zone, the shadow is in the green. It is impossible for him to go from one state to another in lockdown. How is marriage possible in this situation? However, Arvind is not willing to give up. He got a special travel pass from the district administration of Bijnor on the pretext of marriage He. So he went to get married.
But he was stopped at the border of Bijnor. As a resident of the Red Zone, he is not allowed to enter the Green Zone. However, the police allowed the marriage to take place in any border area. Her parents brought the shadow like that. The wedding party was held at the Dharampura police picket where Arvind was detained.

The police also attended the wedding like guests. They keep an eye on whether everyone is obeying social distance or wearing a mask. This weird wedding video is now viral on social media.