The mayor of Mumbai took off his old uniform to fight against Corona! Storm of praise across the country


Bengali Hunt Desk: Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pedenkar (Mumbai)Kishori Pednekar) He took off his old uniform again for the treatment of corona patients in Mumbai. She had been a nurse before. A Shiv Sena leader said he would serve patients at Pali Hospital at night.

Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi tweeted, ‘This is our esteemed Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pedankar G. He worked from eight in the morning until two in the morning, and this time he took off his old uniform for metropolitan service. He will take care of the patients at Nair Hospital. ”

He said those who speak insultingly against him should learn from it.

The mayor of Mumbai tweeted, Everything for Mumbai. We can't work from home, we will work on the streets for you. Stay at home, look at your body. I am in Nair Hospital. ”