The mentality of Pakistanis is bad, the popular tickling star left his country and went to Japan!

Banglahant Desk: Recently famous Pakistani tiktok star Jannat Mirza has left Pakistan for Japan. Jannat is Pakistan's first tick-tock star with more than 10 million followers. But his fans are frustrated that he has left Pakistan for Japan.

Fans also requested Jannat to return to Pakistan. But Jannat is adamant in his decision. According to him, the mentality of Pakistanis is not right. That's why he doesn't want to go back.

It is learned that Jannat was in Japan when the Pakistani government boycotted Tiktak. After that he planned to stay in Japan permanently. But he did not make the matter public at first. When a fan commented on his post and asked when he would return to Pakistan, Jannat said he would stay in Japan for good.

When the fan asked Jannat the reason for this, he made it clear that Pakistan is a very beautiful country. But the mentality of the residents there is not right. This is the reason why this tickling star has decided not to return to Pakistan. He is going to stay in Japan from now on.

Earlier, Jannat had also opened his mouth with Tiktak Banyan. In his words, “I also want a tick tock. But it shouldn’t stop like forever. Many people depend on this tick to make bread. We also see a lot of new talent through it. ” His statement was, not a complete ban, the ban should be lifted after taking a few urgent steps about this app.

Incidentally, the Indian government has already launched a number of Chinese apps, including TickTock, to respond strongly to Chinese aggression. This app reached the peak of popularity in just a few days.
From stars to ordinary people, everyone was mesmerized by the magic of tickling. However, many accidents have happened before while going for ticking or participating in various challenges. Even though it was closed for a while, this app came back to its glory.