The middle class smiles at the corner of the lips during the wedding season, the price of gold plummets


BanglaHunt Desk: On the one hand, it has started to get quite cold, and on the other hand, the wedding season has also started. The main attraction after the bride and groom in the wedding house is the jewelry of the bride's body. How beautifully decorated the bride. However, although the price of gold has been going up for several days, the price of lotus gold has gone up again in Laxmibar, along with the price of silver.

This heavy fall in gold prices was noticed till 6 pm on Thursday. In the middle of winter, the shoppers have gathered in the shops with a smile on their face in compliance with the Corona warning.

In Calcutta Today's gold price stands at Rs 48,000, 22 carat gold is priced at Rs 480 per gram and Rs 4,600 per 10 grams. Which has decreased by about 230 rupees per 10 grams since yesterday. In Kolkata, the price of 1 gram of 24 carat gold today stands at Rs 5150 and the price of 10 grams is Rs 51,500.

In Delhi Gold prices are always much lower than in Kolkata. Today, the price of 1 gram of 22 carat gold in Delhi stands at Rs 4805 and the price of 10 grams is Rs 47050.

Other places

Today, the lowest prices are in several places including Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore. Today's price of 1 gram of gold is 4590 rupees and 10 grams is 45900 rupees.

The price of silver

Now let's talk about the price of silver. Today, along with the price of gold, the price of silver has also come down. Today's silver price is 63.40 rupees per gram and 634 rupees per 10 grams.