The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare discussed several side effects of the corona virus


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus (COVID-19) continues its rampant in the world. Thousands of people are constantly losing their lives. The number of people infected with the virus has already exceeded 3 million. And more than 2 lakh people have lost their lives. Physicians are constantly trying to find a cure for the virus. However, experts said that it will still take several months.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare once again reminded us of the precautions to be taken due to this virus.

1) Home quarantine should be done as soon as the initial symptoms of this disease appear. However, the advice of doctors in this regard must be followed.
2) Do not have anyone around the infected person. Keep distance from family members.
3) The affected person has to follow some special rules and regulations.
4) Medication and hydroxy chloroquine should be taken as advised by the doctors.
5) Other members of the household using the Healing Bridge app, need to be careful.
6) The District Surveillance Officer should give all the health details about the infected person so that they can check the condition of the patient.
6) If at any moment, the patient develops difficulty in breathing, there is constant pain in the chest, there is mental confusion, blue discoloration of the face or lips, the doctor should be contacted immediately.
6) Home quarantine is mandatory for people with other ailments like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Dr Vivek Nangia, director and head of Pulmonology, Medical Critical Care and Sleep Disorders at Basanta Kunjar Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, said, ‘Patients can seek treatment from Bari if they wish. There are many patients who are afraid to come to the hospital, if they have the right place at home, they can treat at home. However, he must come to the hospital for the test.

“All the patients who are a little sick, if they don't come to the hospital, there will be more beds in the hospital,” he said. In different countries people with mild symptoms were first kept at home. So as to facilitate the treatment of severely affected persons.