The miscreants tried to rob Riddhiman Saha's house twice in the middle of the lockdown.


A terrible thing happened in the lockdown. A group of 4-5 miscreants tried to rob the house of Indian cricket team wicketkeeper batsman Riddhiman Saha. Riddhiman Saha's uncle Malay Saha said that before the lockdown, his parents went to his son's house in Kolkata. Then a nationwide lockdown was announced. As a result, they could not return to Siliguri. That is why at the moment Riddhiman Saha's house in Siliguri is empty, the house is locked. And that evil group wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

Malayababu lodged a complaint at the NGP police station. He complained that a car came in front of Riddhi's house on Thursday night. The gang was in that car. They were trying to break the lock of Riddhi's house. But at that time the miscreants got into the car and fled after hearing the screams of the neighbors.

Upon receiving the news, the police of New Jalpaiguri Police Station came to the spot. They came and searched a lot but could not find anyone like that. New Jalpaiguri police have already started investigation into the incident. Note that this was the second such incident at Riddhiman Saha's house. So naturally the question of security has started to arise.