The MLA broke the lockdown with the name of Yogi, the police made an arrest


Banglahunt Desk: Amanmani Tripathi has been arrested for violating the lockdown in the name of attending the funeral of the father of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. A case has been filed against them after arresting 6 more accomplices. They have been arrested from Bijnor Nazibabad.

They went to perform the last rites of Yogi Adityanath's father

Yogi Adityanath's father Anand Singh Bister died of old age due to coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. He did not attend his father's funeral due to lockdown. Collected passes in the name of going to attend the funeral of the Chief Minister's father. But they never went there. However, 11 people including MLA Aman Moni Tripathi reached Chamoli with the permission of the administration. The entire protocol was given to Ammani Tripathi from Dehradun to Chamoli.

Reason for arrest

Arriving at Chamoli by train, Aman Moni misbehaved with Tripathi SDM Karnaprayag and then the matter came up in the media. It has been alleged that Aman Mani misbehaved with the doctors and officials of the local administration in Tripathi Gauchar and continued to express surprise. They were also reluctant to get first aid. As a result, a case was filed against 12 people, including the MLA, under the National Disaster Act and Section 16 at Munikirati Police Station and he was later released on a personal bond.

The SDM of Karnaprayag said, ‘Aman Mani Tripathi came from UP along with others. He had 3 cars. He was stopped by the Gaucher barrier. He crossed the barrier and reached Karnaprayag. He argued with the doctors and did not cooperate in the screening. He came back after explaining a lot.

The next question after the arrest is

Despite the shutdown at Badrinath Dham, questions are now being raised in various quarters about how Aman Mani Tripathi was allowed to enter Uttarakhand.