The Modi government gave a personal bodyguard for Ajay, you can get it too


BanglaHunt Desk: Bodyguard has been deployed to protect the famous actor Ajay Devgan during the Corona infection. This government-appointed bodyguard came to the house only when Ajay was busy with his health. He tells Ajay that his name is Setu. He is different from Ajay's personal security guards. Ajay is protected from the corona virus by 1.3 billion Indians, including Ajay's family. By now you must have understood that it is an advertisement. The Government of India has taken notice of this fancy advertisement of Arogya Bridge.

In India, the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing by leaps and bounds. The number of victims continues to rise despite the lockdown. In this situation, the Indian government is facing a severe crisis. The Government of India is already launching this app, through which it will be possible to easily identify people affected by corona. The Cure Bridge app was launched a few days ago to avoid and protect the corona epidemic. More than two crore people have downloaded this application released by the government in just one week. The number has exceeded 50 million in 13 days.

It will be connected via smartphone. This app will start working when you turn on Bluetooth and data by turning on the location of the smartphone. If a person comes in contact with a person affected by any corona, it will be known through this app. Again, if a corona-infected person comes within 6 feet of a healthy person, this app will start working for him.

If the healing bridge user is in the “high risk zone” then that app will suggest to check if there is corona now. In addition, this app will give information about the methods to be followed to stay away from corona virus.

However this whole process will be run with utmost secrecy. No person's information will be given to any third party. This process has been made keeping in mind the public interest.