The Modi government has brought great good news for women employees, millions of women in the country will benefit


Bangla Hunt Desk: After inaugurating the Atal Tunnel at Rohtang in Himachal Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the New Labor Act in his speech. He said that after the new law, women will get equal salary as men. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to advance as men. Let me inform you that the Modi government has changed 44 labor laws and made four labor policies. At the same time, by repealing 12 laws, 3 out of 44 old laws have been added to the new labor policy.

In his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in order to achieve our goal of a self-reliant India, the rules of the last century should not be followed this century. Therefore, our government will continue the work of labor reform in the coming days. Attacking the opposition, he said, “Our reforms hurt the people working for political gain.” They need to understand that you cannot enter a new century with the idea of ​​the last century.

Under the new labor law, wage reform has made it clear that men and women must be paid equally. At the same time, it has been said that the state minimum wage should also be fixed. A council formed on behalf of the central government will review the minimum wage every year. Salary will be determined on the basis of geographical location and individual skills. On the other hand, the wage law has made it mandatory for companies to pay their employees on time.

According to the Business Convenience and Health Code, women are allowed to work in all fields. On the other hand, it has been made inevitable for companies to provide cr এবংche and canteen facilities for female employees. The company also offers free health checkups to employees over the age of 45 once a year. Work for women has been done from 8 am to 6 pm. Even then, if women are hired, the company has to bear the responsibility of protecting them. And you have to pay double in overtime.