The Modi government has shown kindness to Imran. The Pakistani Prime Minister will visit Sri Lanka for the first time through Indian airspace

BanglaHunt Desk: This is Imran Khan’s first two-day visit to Sri Lanka as Prime Minister. But his journey is through India. Therefore, it is necessary for the Government of India to be a Darussalam. Dil Darya Bharat did kindness to Imran Khan. Imran Khan was allowed to travel to Sri Lanka using Indian airspace.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will pay a two-day visit to Sri Lanka. But he has to use India’s airspace to go. Without recalling the past, the Pak government shamelessly petitioned India for permission.

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Since the withdrawal of Article 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan seems to be looking at India in a more aggressive manner. Despite harassing India in various ways at the international level, Pakistan has not been satisfied. It did not even allow the Indian government to use Pakistan’s airspace for a visit to the United States in September 2019 and Saudi Arabia in October.

India did not even bother to pay a visit to Pakistan as VVIP’s flight permit was blocked. In a highly reprehensible tone, India told the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on behalf of the Foreign Ministry that Pakistan had refused to abide by well-established international norms.

However, forgetting this behavior of the past, Pakistan again sought help from India. He requested the Government of India to use Indian airspace to visit Sri Lanka. But India allowed the Pakistani government’s plea, setting aside Pakistan’s reprehensible behavior, and today Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Sri Lanka using Indian airspace.