The Modi government imposed a huge tax on petrol and diesel prices and the new prices were introduced at midnight


Banglahant Desk: In India, the Modi government (Modi government) has imposed an extra charge on petrol and diesel from midnight yesterday. Excise duty was levied at Rs 10 per liter on petrol and Rs 13 per liter on diesel. The increased excise duty is effective from midnight on Tuesday. As a result, the countrymen will not get any benefit from the sinking oil price in the world market.

Earlier on Monday, the Tamil Nadu chief secretary announced a hike in oil prices. Besides Tamil Nadu, the Delhi government has also imposed a tax on oil.

Actor Kamal Hasan has lamented the Tamil Nadu government's hike in petrol and diesel prices as a betrayal of the people. He also expressed deep concern over the current Corona situation in Tamil Nadu on social media.

“People have been under house arrest for 40 days without any income,” he wrote on Twitter, expressing his anger over the Tamil government's rise in oil prices. It is a betrayal to do so, even though petrol and diesel prices are falling worldwide and the value added tax on them will push up the prices of essential commodities. ”

The very next day, referring to the Tamil government's failure to deal with Corona, he wrote: “The government, which has increased the number of infections, is unable to save Coimbatore, will now open a task force. The leadership does not understand that every mistake of the government kills. ”