The Modi government, preparing to defeat Corona with Ayurveda, has formed a task force


Bangla Hunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set up a task force, according to the AYUSH Ministry, to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus virus in India. Union Ayush Minister Shripad Naik said the ICMR and task force will fight against infection.

Naik said, “This task force has been formed to provide scientific compliance to Ayurveda which will work in conjunction with ICMR. This task force will work scientifically against the medical formula COVID-19 of Ayurveda and traditional medicine. ” “Ayurveda and homeopathy drugs can be effective in fighting the corona virus,” he said.

Shripad Naik

He said there were times when methods like allopathy could not succeed in fighting Corona. Then India is ready to treat coronary patients through Ayurveda. Earlier, Sripad Nike told Prince Charles of Britain that an Ayurvedic physician in Bangalore had claimed that Prince Charles of Britain had returned from a virus because of his formula. He said this fact proves that Ayurveda and homeopathy drugs will be useful in treating the corona virus.

He said that India will soon treat patients with coronary virus through the Ayurvedic system. India is unable to use this ancient medical system for lack of scientific sanction. Ayurveda can be treated practically in the current crisis.

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